Che-che-checking, checking you out.

I hate Usher.
I mean how is it possible humane to always produce catchy tunes? Hate him.
OMG by the above-mentioned-nuisance-who's-too-genius-for-his-own-good

Lace Triangle Bralette - UO

Criss-cross seamed cardi (so comfy!) - Silence + Noise

Oversized leaf embroidery tee - Ecote

Cotton cargos - Silence + Noise

Cotton cargos, zipper detail - Silence + Noise
* * * * *
Yeah... I got suckered into the Urban Outfitters sale. Couldn't help it. I was on the way home from portfolio class and that four-letter word was screaming at me. But don't you just love what I got? :)

Lazoo & deeLau: please post something soon. I feel like I'm hogging our sacred Stainless Kiss space..!

- s2, rotang

P.S. I finished my FIT portfolio & submitted it Wed! Upload pics soon.

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  1. love the bralette! so so cute! and the t-shirt is fantastic! is it one of the shorter ones? kinda forgot what its called!