Bleaching your teeth, smiling flash, talking trash, under your breath

Currently humming in my head in the hallways every day:
Anthem for a 17 Year Old Girl by Broken Social Scene

Shirt: Talula - Aritzia // Cardigan: My mom's // Boots: Aldo // Skirt: Forever21 in Soho
* * * * *
Spending some time @ my mommy's alterations & dry-cleaning.

School's back & we've all been busier than ever! Term 1 marks count the most 'cause they're what we all submit to our post-secondary schools. On top of my list? FIT, Pratt, Parsons (New School / Paris), and Ryerson. It's so weird that I've been dreaming & drooling over schools like FIT since I was in grade 5 and now that 7 years have already passed, I'm finally and actually applying to them! (can anybody say, holy moly guacamole?!).

Halloween dance coming up soon! Watch for our post on our costumes :)

- s2, Rotang

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