Back to Basics

Drip drop... drip drop... that's all we heard, as lazoo, rotang and i got ready for this comeback post! The summer has been good to us; the winter doesn't seem to like us all that much though. For some magical reason, and i use the word "magical" very loosely, it seems to rain every single time we decide to do a photoshoot. i guess god is pointing us to a certain direction, in this case, he's pointing towards anything with a roof over it. God is the only possible explanation that on Friday, photoshoot day, it's pouring like there's no tomorrow, however on Saturday, the sun is shining without a single cloud in the sky.

It felt so great to be back on track. The sound of clicking cameras, the awkward moments of what-pose-can-i-do, and of course being with the girls again. Some things just bring our hearts to a peaceful yet exciting place. Yes, i'm right at that place.


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  1. Aww I love these outfits, especially the second one. & Oooh vancouver represent ! I love finding vancouver bloggers on here, hehe.